Class Dojo

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In September 2018 all parents received an invitation from their child’s class teacher to set up a Class Dojo account in order to receive news about events, learning and experiences in their child’s class.

We hope that all parents across Year 1 and 2 will sign up to join their child’s Class Community and view the stories shared each week.

Class Dojo will be used to share photos, videos and messages through regular updates from the teacher, which gives you the opportunity to see some wonderful classroom moments. We also regularly share Whole School stories about events that have taken place in school.

In Year 2 we extend the use of Class Dojo to incorporate a behaviour system which complements our ‘Butterfly’ strategy as it encourages and rewards important skills and behaviours by giving children ‘Monster Points’ which will show on your child’s avatar.

The app includes a messaging feature that allows you to send a message or instant feedback to respond to the information that has been shared.

Please note that this messaging feature should not be used to communicate with your child’s class teacher regarding personal issues or changes to routines and we politely request that all parents continue to use the standard procedure of communication through the school office or directly with the class teacher at home time.